Personal Projects

Personal Projects allow us to shoot from the heart, photographing the things we want to for the pleasure of doing so, or simply because we can.

Below is my personal instagram feed and a few projects which I have been working on over weeks, months or even years.  

Some may conclude, others will always be ongoing.


The Old Man & The Sea

Shot on the famous Malecon sea wall in Havana; The Old man and the Sea references Hemingway's literary masterpiece, which was inspired by the nearby village of Cohimar.  

This series was one of those lovely "found" projects; there was no planning or preparation involved, as I happily stumbled across a group of people fishing off the wall.  This man immediately took my interest and became the focus of my images.

Scene Beside the Seaside

I'm fortunate to live close to the seaside in the UK and often spend time simply walking along the coast looking for interesting or inspiring images.  I prefer to photograph landscapes with people in, as I find that the human interaction draws and engages the viewer more than scenery alone.  That doesn't mean I don't shoot the occasional traditional landscape though.

Riding the Rails

There's still something magical about the golden age of steam trains; I think there always will be people drawn to them; whether that's in restoring and rebuilding those classic engines, or simply to enjoy a day spent harking back to times past.