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  • Andrew Bell

Responsible Travel

Text & Images by Andrew Bell


We believe that travel can be fun, rewarding and… environmentally conscious.

When we started Revolution Photography, one of our core ideals was to create holidays which celebrate not just our love for exploring, photographing the world and the incredible people who inhabit it, but which also ensued the values and principles which we believe to be most important.

We don't just arrive in country and start pointing our cameras at people, but rather spend time getting to know them, hearing their stories and understanding their lives. We make time to build not just business acquaintances but friendships, relationships and partnerships, ensuring that the holiday you come on doesn't just bring you joy and happiness, but also benefits the families who help make it all possible.

  • All of our incredible holidays are organised with and through local people and small businesses

  • We don't stay in international chain hotels, our accommodation is always family owned.

  • We eat in locally owned restaurants, where the owners share our values of organic, locally sourced produce.

  • We don't use international tour operators to book coach tours and excursions, but work with independent companies and individuals who provide a personalised service.

The aim of eco-tourism is to reduce the impact that our travel has on the natural environment.

Major tourist destinations are at ever increasing risk and we want to make sure that the beautiful countries we visit stay that way for future generations to enjoy as much as we do.

In each location we operate, we partner with local good causes or charities who share these values.

On some trips there will be an opportunity to meet with one of the good causes you're helping through travelling with us and spend time learning about their work and history as well as photographing some of the activities.

We have also partnered with Penda Trust a not-for-profit organisation who work to make a difference to people's lives through the use of photography.

Lastly, we help to reduce our carbon footprint through carbon offset and tree planting initiatives.

When you choose to travel with Revolution Photography, you're choosing to make a difference.

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