48 Hours Of..?

What's it all about?

48 Hours Of..?  Is a fantastic new way to spend your weekend.

Small group experiences with some added sparkle.

Photography based, but not just for photographers.

Read on to find out more...


48 Hours Of..?

This is what you'll be talking about on Monday Morning!

48 Hours Of..?


Our latest creation is a breakthrough in weekend entertainment.

Pop-up, photography based mini-adventures

Taking place around the UK.

Unique.  Exciting.  Creative.

and not just for photographers...

Even though 48 Hours Of..? incorporates photography,

it's really all about the shared experience.

Getting together in a small group, trying something new,

learning some new skills or tricks and, most of all,

it's about having fun whilst doing something different! 


What Happens?

Every time we're running a

48 Hours Of..? all of our members will receive an email with details of what we're doing, when we're doing it, what it will cost and how many spaces are available.

Places are filled on a first come / first served basis so the first members to book get to come along.

Everyone else, misses out...


When & Where?

48 Hours Of..? take place across multiple locations in the UK.

Every experience will have a theme, at least one professional photographer and 

a little twist.

Each one will be unique and different from the last, so every time there's a new experience.


Whats Included?

Pretty much everything you'll need except a camera and your sense of adventure!


B&B Accommodation

Photography Tuition

Models, props or apparatus

Any entrance fees which apply